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Care Center Drug Rehab

There are people at the stage of their lives that are confused about whether or not they consider themselves alcoholics or not and this often prevent them from seeking help in an addiction center recovery. Conversely, there are also some people who constantly deny the fact that they already crossed the line into alcoholism a […]


When seeking for the best addiction rehab recovery centers for alcohol and drug issues, most families may have some questions about the credentials of professional doctors or experts, the treatment programs available and the options of aftercare support programs that are provided. Most families are more focused on the bolts and nuts of addiction are, […]

Most studies conducted by recovery center rehab, 31 percent of men encounter erectile dysfunction(ED). That number increases to over 50 percent for men over the age of 40, making this a prevalent problem. Sexual dysfunction also increases due to substance addiction. This sexual dysfunction is predominant in men who abuse alcohol and cocaine. Sexual issues […]

Hitting rock bottom in addiction

When you search the words “rock bottom” in Google, you will find some description that classifies this phrase as meaning “the lowest possible level.”  The term rock bottom can take on an infinite number of meanings depending on the person and situation. This is because not everyone’s rock bottom will be the same. During the […]