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Why Do You Have to Hit the Rock Bottom in Addiction?

Posted: January 14, 2015 by in Care Center Drug Rehab

Hitting rock bottom in addiction

When you search the words “rock bottom” in Google, you will find some description that classifies this phrase as meaning “the lowest possible level.”  The term rock bottom can take on an infinite number of meanings depending on the person and situation. This is because not everyone’s rock bottom will be the same.

During the course of addiction, you may find yourself asking if you have hit rock bottom. Unfortunately, that problem could not be answered by others. Every alcoholic or addict has variations of rock bottom, and each can be dramatic. Some addicts may suffer a very traumatic life experience that signifies to them that they have hit rock bottom. Some may lose their family and friends, their home, and their careers while others may have enough money and turn to prostitution to earn money to pay for drugs. If you wonder when you’ve hit the rock bottom, here are three ways to find your answer.

Decide If you had enough

For some people, it is a matter of stretching the limits of how much suffering and pain someone can withstand. And for some, losing their job or home is enough to make them realize how significant problem alcohol and drugs have become. For others, it can take losing the support of family and friends. And unfortunately for some, ‘enough’ comes in the form of overdosing or selling their body for drugs. Deciding you have had enough is a matter of deciding whether you want to live or die, and what extent you are willing to go to save yourself and get sober.

Make a Pros and Cons List

Considering the pros and cons may seem like a tedious or simplistic way to examine the decision to get clean and sober or not but I believe you need to do it whatever it takes.  Some individuals need to visually see a list of all the effects of their drug us before they completely understand the advantages of getting sober. Pros and cons list may not be the thing that inspires and motivates you to choose to get sober, but sometimes people can’t see the harms they’re causing until they make a list like this. They might be in the habit of rationalizing away the negative effects of their addiction, instead of seeing their addiction as significant issues in their lives. The pros of using drugs may seem like many in our heads, but on paper, they are few or non-existent.

Evaluate What Have You Gained

Addicts routinely encounter individuals who are extremely disparaging toward anyone caught in the treacherous cycle of addiction. These individuals may list all the reasons why using drugs is bad, but when you are in the midst of your addiction, you don’t care. Some addicts are comfortable with being broke and homeless since there are many other options for getting money, food, and anything else- as long as they can have their drug of choice.

Searching for your own definition of “rock bottom” is a hard task. However it’s impossible to define “rock bottom” before you get there, you only know when you hit it. In a way, it almost brings you a feeling of relief to know that you’ve finally had enough.

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